BRT Fact Sheet (PDF)
On this page you will find a range of BRT resources developed by the Bus Rapid Transit Policy Center, including policy papers, analysis, presentation, a worldwide database and our bi-monthly newsletter.  We have also included links to many valuable BRT resources from other organizations.  Please let us know if you have suggestions for other links.
Presentation on the BRT Opportunity
Catalog of BRT vehicles
The U.S. Federal Transit Administration (FTA) BRT Program is supporting development of a series of technical documents on BRT including:
FTA's BRT Vision and Action Plan
Issues in Bus Rapid Transit
BRT Vehicle Demand Analysis
Characteristics of Bus Rapid Transit
FTA Fact Sheets on US BRT Programs (PDF):
Alameda, CA
Albany, NY
Boston, MA
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
Eugene, OR
Hartford, CT
Kansas City
Los Angeles, CA
Louisville, KY
Miami, FL
Montgomery County, MD
San Juan, PR
Santa Clara, CA
BRT and Public Transit Websites
Bus Rapid Transit Central

Calstart BRT Information Center

BRT Institute

Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
Environmental Defense

Access Exchange International

World Bank Urban Transport

Clean Air Institute BRT webpage
Project Studies:
Queensland, Australia:  Eastern Busway draft Concept Design and Impact Management Plan

Applicabiltiy of Bogota's TransMilenio BRT System to US

State of Maryland BRT Brochure

Las Vegas Metropolitan Area Express Bus Rapid Transit Demonstration Project

Detroit Speedlink

AC Transit San Leandro Corridor

Cleveland BRT Environmental Assessment Summary  (2001)

Minneapolis NW Corridor

Hartford -- New Britain FEIS

Hartford East BRT Feasibility Study and Public Presentation

Oahu FEIS Executive Summary

Los Angeles Wilshire BRT EIR Executive Summary, Part I and Part II

Reno Feasibility Study Executive Summary

Atlanta I-285 Alternatives Analysis

Northern Virginia I-95/395 BRT/HOT lane proposal and summary

Getting Up To Speed: The Caase for Bus Rapid Transit and Transit Oriented Development in the Tappan Zee Bridge/I-287 Corridor
BRT Policy Center -- Transportation Choices for the 21st Century
Journal of Public Transportation:
Vehicle Selection for BRT: Issues and Options
BRT Issues from  2006 and 2002 (site link)

A Review of Bus Priority Systems in Brazil (Smart Urban Transport Conference)

BRT in China (from Public Transport International)

Bus Rapid Transit Duels With Rail (Metro Magazine)

The Economics of Transmilenio, A Mass Transit System for Bogota (Department of Economics, University of the Andes)

How to Keep 18 Million People Moving; Sao Paulo operates the world's most complex bus system

International Mayors Forum on Sustainable Urban Energy Development, November 10-11, 2004, Kunming, China
Articles include:
                           Beijing’s Bus Rapid Transit Plan and its Demonstration Corridor
                           Shanghai’s Transportation Modernization and Management Planning
                           The Development of Kunming’s Bus Rapid Transit System
                           Financing Bus Rapid Transit: Options for China
                           Bus Rapid Transit: The U.S. Experience
                           Sustainble Urban Transport: Progress in Mexico City and Potentials for China
                           Bus Rapid Transit Development in China: Challenges and Progress                             

Latin American Experience with Bus Rapid Transit
(Paper) (Annex Tables)
Breakthrough Technologies Institute (BTI) Resources
Other BRT Resources:  Technical and Analytical Documents
The Potential for Bus Rapid Transit to Reduce Transportation-Related CO2 Emissions - published in the Journal of Public Transportation's 2006 BRT issue, BTI's analysis finds that BRT can provide greater GHG emissions benefits than light rail.
Proceedings from 2002 BRT Workshop sponsored by FTA and Calstart
US General Accountability Office:
Bus Rapid Transit Shows Promise
FTA's Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP):
Bus Use of Shoulders
TCRP BRT Case Studies
TCRP BRT Implementation
The World Bank:
Bus Rapid Transit Accessibility Guidelines
American Public Transportation Association (APTA):
Study on the energy benefits of transit, July 2002
BRT and HOT Lanes
Worldwide BRT  Database - a free, searchable database of BRT and innovative bus systems.
View current and archived editions of  Transport Innovator. Subscriptions  are offered free-of-charge.
Changing Lanes, a report on BRT and HOT Lanes in Northern Virginia by BTI and Environmental Defense
BRT Project Information
BRT Project Websites:

Bogota's TransMilenio
Boston Silver Line
Brisbane Busway
Cleveland Euclid Corridor Project
Eugene, Oregon EmX
Los Angeles Metro Orange Line
New York City BRT
San Francisco Van Ness Corridor
San Francisco Geary Corridor
Westchester County, New York BRT
York, Ontario VIVA system

For many more links, visit our database
BRT may offer a better air quality solution than electric rail
Presentation from the 2004  International Mayor's Forum on Sustainable Energy Development, Kunming China.
Presentation at Seattle BRT Technical seminar (2006)
Presentation before the C-Tran Board of Directors (2006) (note, this is a PDF so the film clip and animations will not work)
The CDM in the Transport Sector - BRT projects appear to have a high Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) potential worldwide, receiving marketable certified credits for the project's GHG reductions.  This report presents a case study of TransMilenio's BRT, tbe first officially registered CDM transportation  project.
Metro Magazine's BRT page

Federal Transit Administration BRT site

American Public Transportation Association (APTA) BRT Resources
Transportation Research Board (TRB):
Bus Rapid Transit Practitioner's Guide
Presentations from July 2006 APTA/TRB Conference on BRT
BRT Primer:
BTI-Authored Reports:
BRT as a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy -- download PDF
BTI's Presentations:
BRT Database:
Bi-monthly Transport News Summary and Commentary:
Air Quality and Emissions:
HOT Lanes:
EMBARQ, the WRI Center for Sustainable Transport:
BRT in Asia: From Quantity to Quality - Dario Hidalgo, Ph.D., Senior Transport Engineer
Citywide Transit Integration in a Large City: The Case of Sao Paulo, Brazil - Dario Hidalgo, Ph.D., Senior Transport Engineer